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Commercial Property Cost-effective Expertise

Commercial Sales and Purchases

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Sales and purchases of business premises are often more complex than residential transactions due to the varying nature of the buildings involved, their location within managed complexes, and often the type of business that operates from the premises.

Armstrong Solicitors provides conveyancing services to our business clients.

For a competitive fee quotation, please request a call back to discuss.

Commercial Leases

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Commercial leases vary wildly between simple and tortuously complex. Often this depends on the type of premises or location of the building, but often it doesn't and sometimes there seems to be an intention to make things as complicated as possible.

If you are considering letting out your own premises, renting premises from someone else, or taking over someone else's lease (for example if you're taking over someone's business), request a call back to obtain more information and a fee estimate.

Property Specific Leases

Many prospective landlords and tenants are encouraged to use a standard lease provided by the commercial agent. That's fine in some cases, but our approach is to provide a lease which reflects the unique aspects of each particular property, the parties, any local factors, and the agreement that has been reached.

In the long term, investing in a properly drafted and property-specific lease now may avoid a significant amount of cost and heartache in the future. We also advise on guarantor issues and other forms of security.

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