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Accidents at Work

Is your workplace safe?

Many people spend more time at work than at home! It's essential, therefore, that your workplace is safe. Don't forget that the definition of 'workplace' is wide enough to cover places where you work outside your employer's premises. That means if you're a delivery driver, your workplace could be your van.

Employers have to ensure certain health and safety standards to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

That means that they have to carry out regular heath and safety assessments and risk assessments which identify and correct any potential issues. They have to provide the correct training, and the correct equipment for the job.

Remember that even if you are partly to blame, you can still claim compensation. Speak to us immediately about whether you may be entitled to compensation.

If you've been involved in a Accidents at Work, here's what you need to do:

  1. Report the accident immediately and make sure it is recorded in the Accident Book.
  2. Make sure that you agree with the entry in the Accident book!
  3. Take photographs of the area where the accident happened, and if the accident was the result of faulty equipment or a defect in the property, try to take as detailed close up photos as you can.
  4. Have your injuries checked out as soon as possible by your GP or local A&E department - it is essential that a medical person records your injuries.
  5. Call us or request a call back as soon as possible. A fully qualified claims solicitor will speak to you personally and advise you on whether you may have a claim.

Funding Your Case

Legal Aid is available for many types of claim. We can advise you on your potential eligibility for Legal Aid when we have an initial discussion with you.

We also offer a fixed fee service for the initial stages of your case, up to the point that the potential defendant makes a decision on liability.

For accident at works cases, here are the costs of the initial stages of your case:

  • Our fee: £250 + VAT
  • Copy of GP notes (if required): £50 approx.
  • Medical Report: £200-250 depending on type of injury.

We offer flexible payment options to ensure that you can avoid the need to make a large payment all at once.

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