Criminal Injury and Criminal Damage


Don't forget that when we're talking about injuries, that can include physical, sexual or mental injury.

Instruct a Solicitor

It used to be the case that solicitors were involved in all claims for criminal injuries or criminal damage. Unfortunately, that's changed now and many claimants now feel that they have to apply for compensation themselves. Some of the law in this area can be complex and frankly we think that's unfair.

Don't forget that when we're talking about injuries, that can include physical, sexual or mental injury.

The good news is that you can still instruct a solicitor to act for you in obtaining compensation if you have been the victim of a criminal injury or damage to your property. The bad news is that the Compensation Agency no longer pays the legal fees, which means that you have to pay your solicitor privately. We are very aware of this, and therefore our fees are designed to be as cost effective as possible. We don't want legal fees to be a barrier to you obtaining compensation for your injuries or loss.

Fixed Fee Service

Armstrong Solicitors offers a fixed fee service to clients who have been the victim of criminal injuries and don't feel they can deal with the application for compensation themselves. For £250 + VAT, we will complete and submit an application for compensation on your behalf, complete medical questionnaires and advise you on the various requirement set down by the Scheme.

If you have been the victim of injury or damage caused by a criminal act, it is essential that you report to the police immediately, and have any injuries documented as soon as possible by a doctor or A&E department. There are strict time limits in criminal injury and damage cases, and it's essential that you act quickly and speak to us right away.

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