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Claims We make sure that the good cases win

We make sure the good cases win.

"Where there's blame there's a claim". We hate that cliche. It devalues the importance of compensation for people who have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence. It's also not as simple as that. You would think that good cases win themselves and bad cases fail, but that doesn't always happen. It should, but it doesn't.

Here's the good news

First, we make sure that the good cases win. We will obtain comprehensive evidence to support your claim, and we'll advise you on all the documentation that you need to provide to us at each stage to make sure that all aspects of your claim are covered. Even if your claim isn't as strong as you'd like because you haven't managed to obtain enough evidence to support your case, we'll work with you to make the best case we possibly can, and we'll support you along the way.

Here's better news

Even if you're partly to blame for the accident, you can still sometimes claim from the other party. Call us now to find out more. Maybe it's just to put your mind at rest that you wouldn't be successful, but we have reached settlements in many cases where the claimant was partly to blame, so you'll never know unless you ask!

Here's the even better news

If you are successful in your claim, your legal costs are normally paid by the party who is compensating you.

Funding Your Case

Legal Aid is available for claims cases, depending on your eligibility. If you're funding your case privately, we have a range of payment options, including a one off initial fee to commence your case and establish whether or not liability is going to be disputed or accepted. For more detail on this, please select a type of claim above.

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