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Trips and Slips

Tripping, slipping or falling

If you've been injured as a result of tripping, slipping or falling, and if the accident wasn't your fault, then you can often make a successful claim for compensation. Whether you're in a public place, business premises, or even a private house, you have a right to expect that your surroundings are reasonably free from defects or features that may cause you to have an accident.

Many injuries are caused every year from loose floor tiles, uneven pavements, raised kerb stones or damaged carpets.

Sometimes accidents are caused by something that one of your work colleagues has done or not done - eg spilling a hot drink and not clearing it up. You can often make a claim against your employer in these circumstances.


Tripping or slipping accidents can happen in numerous places;

  • supermarkets
  • doctors' surgeries
  • at work
  • in someone's house
  • in a rented property
  • shops
  • offices
  • leisure centres
  • in the street

If you've been involved in a Trips and Slips, here's what you need to do:

  1. If you're in commercial premises, make sure that the Accident Book is completed.
  2. Try to take photos of the area where you fell, which show which direction you were walking, and a close up of the exact spot where you fell.
  3. If there were any witnesses or if someone helped you, please try to get their contact details.
  4. Have your injuries examined and recorded by your GP or local A&E department.
  5. Contact us or request a call back immediately from our qualified claims solicitors.

Funding your case

Legal Aid is available for many tripping and slipping cases. A quick chat with our claims solicitor will tell you whether or not you may be eligible or partly eligible for Legal Aid.

We also offer a fixed fee service for the initial stages of your case. This covers you up to the point that the other party's insurer makes a decision on liability.

Here's how the service is made up:

  • Our fee: £250 + VAT
  • Copy of GP notes (if required): £50 approx.
  • Medical Report: £200 approx.

We offer flexible payment options to allow you to make payments as your case progresses, therefore avoiding a large bill to pay all at once.

Contact us now or request a call back from a qualified claims solicitor for an initial conversation.

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