Wills and Estate Planning


We take the time personally to meet with you and understand your priorities.


Making a will is not as difficult as you may think. It's also really, really important to make a will to ensure that your property and assets pass to the people that you want to receive them, at the right time, and in the right way.

You've no doubt seen wills packs for sale in some shops, and you may have seen some online will writing services. You may think that you're looking at one now! You're not. We don't cut corners when we make wills for our clients, and we don't hide behind computer screens. We take the time personally to meet with you (subject to social distancing and any applicable Covid regulations currently in force) and understand your priorities. Only then do we start to draft a will for you that reflects your personal circumstances, your family situation, and any concerns that you may have about the future.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

We'll take you through the whole process, from executors to guardians, from specific gifts to dealing with the residue of your estate, and from benefitting children to remembering charities.

Making a will is only one way to protect yourself and your family in the future. We also advise many wills clients to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time as they make a will. An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which allows you to appoint someone to act in your place (your Attorney) if you are unable to look after your affairs or make decisions for yourself. It's not overly expensive to do, and can save your relatives a lot of time and money in the future in the unfortunate event that you can't look after yourself or make decisions about yourself.


A straightforward will is not expensive, especially when you consider how important it is. We usually agree an all-in price for a will and an Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time.

To obtain a fixed fee quotation on how you can protect your assets and make sure that your family obtain the maximum benefit from your estate, contact us or request a callback. We only need to ask you a few questions to be able to provide you with an accurate, fixed fee quotation.

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