Debt Recovery


Armstrong Solicitors will listen to your particular circumstances and offer tailored solutions depending on the amount owed.

It's essential early action is taken

Many firms (including non solicitors) offer debt recovery services. In many cases, the debt recovery services offered do not involve a solicitor on a day to day basis. That's fair enough, but that's not the way we do things at Armstrong Solicitors. If you instruct a solicitors' firm to act for you, we think that you can reasonably expect that you're going to have a solicitor working for you on each aspect of your case.

Debt recovery is extremely important. Whether you're a private individual or a business owner, outstanding accounts or unpaid monies due to you can seriously affect your finances. It's essential that early action is taken to avoid unpaid bills accumulating.

Armstrong Solicitors will listen to your particular circumstances and offer tailored solutions depending on the amount owed. Often Court action is not required, and a formal, courteous reminder from a solicitor is sufficient to focus the debtor's mind or jog their memory! We're very conscious that our clients often don't want to destroy a longstanding relationship with a debtor, and as much as possible we seek to ensure that once the debt is paid, the potential exists for a relationship in the future. Be assured however that where circumstances require, we act decisively and proactively to protect your interests.

Court Proceedings

Sometimes, the initial step doesn't produce payment, and Court action is required. The amount of the debt dictates which Court will deal with the case:

Amount of debt Court
Up to £3,000 - Small Claims Court
Up to £30,000 - County Court*
Over £30,000 - High Court

(*Between £3,000 and £10,000, the case can be dealt with by the District Judges Court, which is part of the County Court.)

Don't forget, it's not inevitable that the matter will proceed all the way to a Court hearing - often once Court documents are issued, the debtor makes payment or reaches a settlement with you. We make sure that you are in control of this whole process - it's your case, not ours.

We can also act for you in enforcing any Order made by the Court for the debt. Contact us for more information.

To instruct us, obtain more information, or get a fee quotation, please call us or request a callback from one of our qualified solicitors.

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