About Armstrong Solicitors


We are legal advisers for some of the largest agencies in the country both locally and nationally.

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Armstrong Solicitors was created to transform how people in Northern Ireland experience the law and the legal process.

Much has changed in the world since we opened in 2009 and moved to our new headquarters in 2015. Covid-19 has completely changed how solicitors interact with their clients. We’re proud to say however that we’ve been able to adapt to a new way of working and we are confident that we can continue to deliver the best possible legal services to our clients as we all learn how to live and work in this period of Covid-19.

Armstrong Solicitors started out as a family run firm in 2009, although its genesis can actually be traced back to 2005. That was when our managing director Philip Armstrong realised (“was told”) that employment wasn’t really for him, and he became self employed, starting the firm of The AM Partnership with a friend from university. Ultimately the partnership dissolved and Philip jointly created the new firm of ALB Solicitors in 2007, which specialised in house moves and fees free remortgages. Somewhat inevitably, the property crash irreparably impacted the practice and reluctantly Philip and his partner parted ways, feeling that business survival was more likely if they were separate firms.

In 2009 Armstrong Solicitors opened a very small office in Monkstown, Newtownabbey, with 4 people and no work. Through word of mouth, innovative marketing, hard work and –perhaps most importantly – happy clients who returned and recommended us, we tripled in size in 5 years, and massively outgrew our existing office.

So, we bought a bank (building). In March 2015 our new headquarters opened in the centre of Glengormley in the building that was once the Northern Bank. This allowed us to transform the experience of visitors to our office, with a large secure car park, air-conditioned meeting rooms, an open office for our entire property department to work in (ironic in 2020!), and a bright, welcoming and modern environment. The bank vault came in handy for over 2,000 sets of title deeds too.

Over the past decade, our reputation has grown from our beginnings in Newtownabbey, and we now receive instructions from all across Northern Ireland. We have transformed the majority of our meeting rooms into virtual meeting rooms and/or meeting rooms where social distancing is possible, and using technology, we feel that for many clients, the experience of using Armstrong Solicitors had actually been enhanced by not always having to travel to our offices.

We believe that whilst technology is important – and we believe we are at the forefront of this in Northern Ireland – the most important aspect of being a solicitor is how we deal with our clients. Our initial success was based on our friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere and being seen as truly approachable, and we’ve built on that cornerstone. Our staff care about our clients and we care about their case.

A combination of technology and personal service is what we think has made Armstrong Solicitors one of the most recognised law firm names on the High Street in Northern Ireland, and we’d love for you to consider how we can help you the next time you need to speak to a solicitor.